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  2. Rolex Serial Numbers Production Year database updated for 2016 - Find the manufacture date, case reference, model numbers lists for all Rolex watches and Tudor watches with Bob's simple and easy to use tool
  3. Bob's Watches 100% Certified Authentic. At Bob's Watches, your trust is very important to us. We believe that buying a pre-owned Rolex watch online should be simple, honest, and straightforward. To that end, we guarantee that every Rolex watch on our site is 100% authentic, comprised entirely of Rolex parts
  4. In 1960, Rolex began prefixing serial numbers with a letter, and continued each letter run until all numbers were used. This means letter prefixes could end at random times of the year, making using them for dating very inconsistent, explained Paul Altieri, CEO of Bob's Watches. Using the Rolex serial number look up tool is effortless
  5. Bob's Watches is the world's first pre-owned Rolex exchange, providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to buy and sell your vintage Rolex watch at the best possible price. So don't settle for the opinion of somebody in vintage Rolex forums when our vintage Rolex experts are on stand-by to assist you with your needs

Lead by Paul Altieri, a Rolex expert, and now 40 employee strong, Bob's Watches has become the world's leading online destination for used Rolex watches and vintage Rolex expertise. It is the spot to not only buy, but also to sell pre-owned Rolex watches The Rolex serial numbers are found between the lugs on the side of the case at the 6 o'clock side, behind the bracelet. This 4-8 digit number is engraved by. Rolex Serial Numbers: A Complete Resource Guide. All Rolex watches have serial numbers. With the help of the Rolex serial numbers, you can find out the approximate age of your Rolex watch. Furthermore, the serial number is also a great way to find out the estimated value of your Rolex

Today at Bob's Watches, we are introducing a pre-owned Rolex Datejust 116300. Serial - This watch contains a random serial number that was produced around the year 2011 or later Today at Bob's Watches, we are introducing a pre-owned Rolex GMT-Master 16710. Serial - This watch contains an K serial number that was produced around 2000-2001 Hello today at Bob's Watches, we are introducing a pre-owned Rolex Sky-Dweller 326934. Serial - This watch contains a random serial number that was produced around 2012 or later When Rolex reached their 10,000,000'th serial number in 1987 they switched to Letter Prefix based serials starting with 'R'. These did not follow alphabetically, nor did they start on the 1st of January each year - instead starting at different points within a year once all the serials had been used

Today at Bob's Watches, we are introducing a pre-owned Rolex Submariner 16610. Serial - This watch has an U serial number that was produced around 1997-1998. Bracelet - The characteristics. By WristReview. Rolex is one of the world's most recognizable luxury brands. It's also one of the most counterfeited, which can make buying or selling a Rolex online seem like a daunting task. If you've chosen to sell your Rolex, the first step is to choose a reputable buyer like Bob's Watches Rolex Serial Numbers. Rolex has been placing serial numbers on their watches since the beginning. Just about every Rolex watch ever produced has some sort of identification or serial number placed on it. These numbers help to determine the year or batch that the watch was made For watches produced from 1926 until 1987, the Rolex serial numbers are sequential. Use the table below to look up the production year of your watch. From 1987 until 2009, the letter preceding the serial number designates the watch's year of manufacture The serial number has traditionally been located at 6 o'clock between the lugs and under the bracelet. In 2005, Rolex began engraving the serial number on the rehaut (French for 'flange') between the dial and the crystal as well as the 6' o'clock location

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Oct 27, 2020 - Buy and sell pre-owned and used Rolex watches at the official Pre-Owned Rolex Exchange: bobswatches.com/rolex/. See more ideas about Rolex watches. Bob's Watches Hosts Rare Vintage Rolex Auction Worth $1M USD All purchased from their original owners. By Jeff Yeung. 1 of 16. Bob's Watches. 2 of 16. Bob's Watches. 3 of 16. Bob's. The 2009 Rolex Datejust on the Bob's Watches website has a black dial, Roman numerals with the familiar five-tipped crown in place of the number XII and the signature Cyclops--the magnifying. Bobs Watches you can be satisfied the watch will be the real deal as the website itself is a well respected pre-owned Rolex seller. Chrono24 you need to make sure the person/business you are buying from is well respected, as Chrono24 itself is not selling you the watch - it's more like eBay for watches Sep 21, 2016 - The Rolex Serial Number is confusing, to say the least. We have a compiled listing of accurate serial numbers on your Rolex Watch and here is how to do it

ROLEX SERIAL NUMBERS Rolex serial numbers are very useful in determining the approximate age of your Rolex timepiece. When combined with the bracelet clasp code, Rolex serial numbers can also be used to determine the originality of the bracelet. Below you will find very clear tables/charts on how to determine your Rolex's age. In 1987 Rolex Watch Specials. Welcome to your one-stop resource for genuine Rolex watches at clearance prices. Crafted with scrupulous attention to detail, Rolex watches are luxury timepieces known for their impeccable design and timeless elegance

Please note, during the 1990s and 2000s, it is estimated that Rolex produced around around 1 million watches per year. Coincidentally, the numbering sequence of any particular Letter from this system (e.g. V000001 to V999999), would in fact also be 1 million serial numbers, and worked well with this system Based out of Huntington, California, Bob's Watches is the trusted, original pre-owned exchange for buying, selling, and trading vintage and used Rolex watches. In fact, the beautiful timepieces have taken pride of place at every goop MRKT and Bob has outfitted the wrists of several goop staffers However, with the new randomized serial number system, you can no longer do this since the serial numbers are random and mixed. To identify the year of watches made before 2010, you need a list of Rolex serial numbers, and with the help of such, you can easily identify your own timepiece's age

Rolex Women's Watches Discover the Rolex women's watch collection and choose among a wonderful variety of refined timepieces. Rolex S.A respects your right to privacy and is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust. the details you provide through this website will not be used to send unsolicited email, and will not be sold to a third party 209 reviews of Bob's Watches I bought my husband a pre-owned Rolex from Bob's Watches and I couldn't have had a better experience! All the great reviews and good things I heard about the company are true. The entire staff were well versed in all things Rolex and the Submariner I bought for my husband for his birthday made me wife of the year Rolex watches are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Discover the Rolex collection on the Official Rolex Website. Rolex S.A respects your right to privacy and is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust. the details you provide through this website will not be used to send unsolicited email, and will not be sold to a third party Bob's Watches holds 1960s-themed online auction featuring four vintage sport watches: an Omega Speedmaster and three Rolex models Rolex GMT Master 126710 Ceramic Pepsi Photo: Courtesy Bob's Watches Other highlights include a Rolex Daytona 116500LN with a ceramic bezel, another less-talked-about Rolex release that has also.

Rolex watches are icons of luxury like a Porsche, Chanel dress, or Louis Vuitton bag. The secret to this manufacturer's success lies in their consistency: The design of the Rolex Oyster series has barely changed over the decades. Improvements to minute details are often only noticeable upon second glance Rolex serial numbers are located between the watch lugs at 6 o'clock (remove the bracelet for the case). A unique number is given to every genuine Rolex watch and this number can be used to determine the production date Typically, Bob's Watches specializes in pre-owned Rolex timepieces and is one of the premiere Rolex exchanges in the country. However, the folks at Bob's don't only handle Rolex and have.

Bob's Watches In this price range, there are a number of great Rolex watches if you look at previous generations, including the now-discontinued 36mm and 39mm versions of the Oyster Perpetual Rolex Serial Numbers Look Up Tool - Find Dates in Seconds The all-in-one watch app to shop, learn, browse, taste and smell all things watches. MAKE IT PERSONA

Bob's Watches has five incomparable versions of the watch for sale right now. 73% of African Americans said they did not have Here's Your Chance to Score a Truly Exceptional Rolex GMT-Master Bob's Watches 'Fresh Finds' auction for four vintage 1960s Rolex and Omega sports watches made a total of $98,700. The sale focused on watches from the golden era of mechanical watches, right before the advent of the quartz timekeeping, and all of the four lots were believed never to have been sold at auction before Bob's Watches is an online marketplace for the resale of authentic and vintage Rolex watches. Shoppers can also find pre-owned luxury watches and jewelry from other top brands including Patek Phillippe, Panerai, Cartier, Tiffany, TAG Heuer, Omega, and more Rolex Watches. Rolex watches. New watches 2020. Configure your watch. Watch finder. Men's watches. Women's watches. History & Watchmaking. Every Rolex Tells a Story. World of Rolex. Sports, Arts and Exploration. Services. Find a retailer. Watch care & service. Your selection. Frequently Asked Questions. Newsroom. The Collection. Air-King Pre-owned watch e-tailer, Bob's Watches, is auctioning off 16 fresh-to-market Rolex watches, including a Paul Newman Daytona

Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf was a man ahead of his time. At the beginning of the 20th century, wristwatches were perceived as fragile and often seen as jewellery for women. Hans Wilsdorf was determined to offer women, as much as men, a choice of modern, reliable and accurate wristwatches that were robust enough to accompany them as they pursued increasingly active lifestyles Bob's Watches, one of the larger preowned Rolex dealers in the digital space, and Eric Wind, a former Christie's watch specialist and founder of Wind Vintage, are aiming to disrupt the scene So, this June, Bob's Watches is offering up 16 styles that run the gamut of lusted-after vintage Rolexes in the company's latest Fresh Finds auction. There is a ref. 6536 Rolex Submariner,.

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If you count yourself in the $50 watch category you can stop here, but if you fancy yourself a collector (budding or otherwise), you'd do well to peruse the Fresh Finds auction happening at Bob's Watches through June 15, which includes a Rolex Paul Newman Daytona among other coveted models from the Swiss icon Bob's watches is auctioning of 12 new and rare vintage Rolexes once a day through December 21st, including a vintage Pepsi GMT-Master

Mar 27, 2018 - DAYTONA ref. 6239 PAUL NEWMAN CARTIER Serial. 19##### 1968 Rolex provides its watches with a unique serial number primarily to make it easier to spot fake Rolex watches. The serial number is indeed a significant way to determine if a Rolex is real or fake, thereby helping to authenticate a Rolex watch

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Bob's Watches The business was founded in 2010 when Rolex collector and expert Paul Altieri purchased the domain from retiring watch salesman Bob Thompson for $8,000 I bought my DD from bobs watches and did a lot of research on Rolex forums. They sell genuine preowned rolexes, but you're paying a premium for the convenience and peace of mind. You're probably paying 1-2k more than if you bought from trusted reseller on forums. I was OK with tha On traditional Rolex models, the serial number can provide you with the year of manufacturing for your Rolex watch. However, towards the end of 2010 Rolex began scrambling or randomizing their serial numbers. You cannot tell the year of manufacturing with the serial number on Rolex items with scrambled serial numbers Bob's Watches is featuring iconic models from the Submariner to the Speedmaster. Search This Auction Is Your Shot at Four Cool-as-Hell Rolex and Omega Watches From the '60s The first thing to clear up is that Paul Altieri of Bob's Watches is not Bob of Bob's Watches or remotely related to Bob. Altieri acquired Bob Thompson's domain in 2010 and transformed Bob's Watches into a luxury website dedicated to buying and selling pre-owned Rolex watches.. Based in Huntington Beach, California, Altieri's lucrative internet business raked in $21 million in.

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  2. Rolex uses Oystersteel for its steel watch cases, a corrosion-resistant alloy that offers an exceptional sheen. Discover the Rolex Oystersteel watches
  3. Rolex Passion Market is a fully independent initiative, without any legal, economic or other ties with the famous luxury watch maker. It is not sponsored by, associated with and/or affiliated with Rolex S.A., Rolex USA, Patek Phlippe S.A. or any respective subsidiaries or affiliates
  4. Rolex Vintage President 1807 Bark Finish Photo: Bob's Watches. Equipped with an 18 karat yellow gold 36mm Oyster case, the vintage President Day-Date will look and feel impressive on the wrist

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Paul Altieri, CEO and founder of Bob's Watches, is one of the world's top Rolex experts. While he has been selling and purchasing Rollies both new and used for over 20 years now, it's very clear. Bob's Watches is an online marketplace for the resale and trade of watches, with a focus on Rolexes.As of 2016 it was one the largest watch reselling websites in the United States. The company was founded in the mid-1990s by Bob Thompson in North Carolina as a local seller of various watch brands and models

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Bob's Watches and Sotheby's have teamed up on a huge Rolex Daytona auction. It features 13 collectible timepieces, from a Big Red reference 6265 to a 1947 model considered to be the first Oyster. Rolex Serial Numbers The following list is of known Rolex serial numbers for the years listed. By checking a particular serial number against this list you should be able to date a watch with reasonable accuracy. However, it is no guarantee as to when the Rolex watch was shipped from the factory. Furthermore, this list [ Although Rolex did not give a reason for making random serial numbers, there are several speculations. One of them suggests that it is to fight against counterfeit watches. Checking Rolex serial numbers. Traditionally, Rolex serial numbers are at 6 o'clock between the lugs Rolex Serial Numbers list, date your Rolex with the listings here 01942 821515 sales@watchesbytimepiece Rolex Serial Numbers List - Watches By Timepiece; Rolex Serial Numbers List. Please use the below list to help in matching up your Rolex Serial Numbers by date,.

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Rolex Datejust Watches 103 Matches Found Rolex pushed the watchmaking envelope when they introduced the world's first self-changing date in the 1945 Datejust, cementing their credibility as a pioneering watchmaker from then on A Rolex from the Watch Chest Timepiece Atelier is unlike all others and in a league of its own. Buy expertly hand preserved & serviced Rolex watches All Available Watches Fresh in October Derek's Picks. Omega Watches Rolex Watches Tudor Watches Dive Watches Modern Watches Military Watches Chronograph Watches Electric Watches Pocket Watches Ladies Watches Solid Gold Watches Stainless Steel Watches Two-Tone (Gold & Steel ) Clocks. Watches $1000 or less Watches $1000 - $3000 Watches $3000 or mor Photo Credits: Bob's Watches Like the ceramic bezel Rolex Daytona, the ref. 126710 Rolex GMT-Master II with the red and blue Pepsi bezel is a modern reinterpretation of a classic Rolex design

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Although there are vintage Oyster Perpetual watches available in gold, modern versions are exclusively made in stainless steel and are priced as entry-level Rolex watches. Rolex Datejust To mark the brand's 40th anniversary, Rolex introduced the Datejust watch in 1945 as the world's first chronometer-certified wristwatch to include a date window on the dial Bob's Watches is a reputable website if you are looking to buy a Rolex. I believe that they still offer next day shipping so I would imagine that you'd end up getting your watch fast. They also have a good selection of used models if you're looking for a sub Rolex Watch founder Hans Wilsdorf envisioned a timepiece one could wear around the wrist, and created his famous company in London in 1905. The resulting watches, new and vintage Rolex alike, are timeless, statement pieces destined to remain cultural staples. Models such as the Air King were inspired by the heros of the British Royal Air Force, while the Datejust Turn-O-Graph received its.

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